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Changes and announcements

On this page you can find notes on updates of the web site and other announcements that might be relevant to visitors interested in the subject of trilobites.

09/18/11 - The gallery has grown again: Cordania falcata from the Haragan Formation of Oklahoma.

08/21/11 - A lower Cambrian Olenellus which I presented already more than two years ago in our forum has finally made its way to the website's gallery. I noticed I announced its presentation there but never fulfilled that promise. Getting old ...

08/13/11 - I took new pictures of the Crotalocephalina I aqcuired during last year's Munich Show .. or is it Crotalocephalus? ;-)

08/06/11 - Well, it's been a while since I had a chance to update the site but today I can present a nice cephalothorax of a Harpetid from Laatchana showing some very interesting features!

06/27/11 - Coming back from Ste. Marie aux Mines and trying to identify some of my new acquisitions I realized that the Haragan trilobite Reedops deckeri had been reassigned to the new genus Lochkovella in 2004 by Sandford already. The relevant gallery pages have been amended accordingly.

06/12/11 - Due to my illness it took some time to come up with a new update but today I would like to present another addition to my collection: A nice Calymene from the Devonian of Morocco.

04/17/11 - We start another page inside our gallery section, the sixth devoted to the Pacopida. For starters, we present a Hypsipariops cf. vagabundus coming from a new quarry in Morocco.

04/09/11 - The gallery portal page is now available in English.

04/04/11 - We updated the gallery image of Treveropyge maura.

04/03/11 - As of today we will start using a bigger image format in the gallery. We had to adapt to the ever-growing possibilities of modern TFT-displays. For starters, we present a cute Boeckops stelcki MCKELLAR & CHATTERTON, 2009 from Jbel Oufaten in Morocco.

03/05/11 - Took a long time for me to make another update, I know! Unfortuantely I have been diagnosed with a heart problem, so you can imagine that I've been short of both time and muse to do something on the web site. But today I added another Harpes from the Pragian of the Ma'der to the gallery. The gallery is still in German, though. But have a look at the images anyway!

12/12/10 - It's been a while since I last had a chance to work on the site, but today I can release another translated page, albeit a small one. I have translated the milestones.

10/14/10 - Please pay attention to the updated information regarding the 2nd German Trilobite Symposium to be held at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt / Germany on February 19 - 20, 2011!

09/12/10 - We have updated the German "further reading" subpage by including the recently published book "The Back to the Past Museum Guide to Trilobites".

09/04/10 - We translated another page, paying tribute to some individuals important to trilobitology, past and present.

07/10/10 - We are proud to be able to come up with a second page for the Lichida in our image gallery and would like to start it with a trilobite from the Lower Devonian of Germany.

07/09/10 - As of today we will start displaying images in our image gallery at resolutions not lower than 1200 x 900 pixel.

05/16/10 - Although this part is still in German, we would like to draw your attention to another interesting trilobite in the Dieter Holland collection.

04/02/10 - Only a week has passed and I have another page ready. This time on preparation, subpages included.

03/24/10 - It's been a while since I posted another translated site. Unfortunately I am quite busy at the moment at work, but I am confident of having more time in the future. Today we continue with the sub-page on continental drift.

01/30/10 - It is with great pleasure that we present a new main page on this web site. Leif Beckmann has meticulously reconstructed the well-known Cambrian trilobite Olenoides serratus and we are more than happy to be able to show detailed images of his creation on our site. It doesn't get any better than this, I suppose! The new page is still in German, but that does not prevent you from studying the fantastic images in high resolution (small images are clickable). An English version is due within the next two weeks. Leif would also appreciate any critical comment on his model! Send us an email!

01/16/10 - The subpage "Quarries" is now available in English - thanks to Mark Wolvers!

01/02/10 - We start the new year with another contribution to our guest gallery by Dieter Holland, a pretty interesting ?Calycoscutellum from the Middle Devonian of Morocco.

12/25/09 - And while we are at it: The aformentioned subpage is now also available in English for our international visitors.

12/24/09 - Christmas Eve! :-) We start the holidays with a new "featured trilobite". It may not be a spectacular one but still very interesting!

11/07/09 - The subpage "Extinction" is now available in English.

09/26/09 - The subpage "Origins" is now available in English.

09/19/09 - The subpage "Orders" is now available in English.

08/29/09 - After some time we can now present the next subpage in English.

08/08/09 - The subpage "Reproduction" is now available in English.

08/01/09 - The subpage "Feeding" is now available in English.

07/25/09 - The subpage "Growth Stages" is now available in English.

07/11/09 - The subpage "Spines & Horns" is now available in English. This page was translated by Mark Wolvers and I would appreciate any comments!

07/04/09 - Due to the fossil show last weekend in St.Marie-aux-Mines we were unable to come up with another translated page. And this weekend we would prefer to present a new "special trilobite", a superb piece from Silurian deposits at Schwedt / Germany. The text may be in German but the trilobite is great! The next page translation is scheduled for the coming weekend.

06/20/09 - The subpage "Moulting" is now available in English.

06/11/09 - The subpage "Enrolment" is now available in English.

06/11/09 - You can now switch directly between the pages available in both languages without having to go via the respective start page.

06/11/09 - Our guest collection features another yet undescribed Metacanthina from the Ma'der region in Southwestern Morocco.

06/10/09 - Our event calendar has been updated. That one is still in German, but its only dates and places, so you can guess easily!

05/30/09 - The subpage "Visual System" is now available in English.

05/23/09 - The subpage "Morphology" is now available in English.

05/15/09 - The subpage "Fossilization" is now available in English.

05/09/09 - The subpage "Geologic Eras" is now available in English.

05/03/09 - The subpage "Introduction" has been finished and is online now.

05/02/09 - TRILOBITA.DE goes English! - Today we will be starting the giant task (for a single person) to translate the entire web site into English. This will happen step by step and therefore - especially in the beginning - most links will be completely or partially unavailable. We will start with the homepage, which will be available from 6 p.m. CET, the "Introduction" will follow soon, and then page by page. We hope that we can thereby better address all of our many foreign visitors. Although my English may be "quite good" (my British and American friends are too polite!), I strongly encourage our visitors - in particular those who speak English as their mother tongue - to assist me with tips and hints and criticism when an inappropriate description is found or when a better expression could be used. I am always eager to improve on my English and that is not the smallest of reasons why I am taking on this huge task. So let's get this show on the road .... ! :-)


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