Trilobites! The Movie

by Kenneth C. Gass

Why don't they make a film
Of resurrected trilobites?
I don't know what they're waiting for.
This tale should be in lights.

It never has been done before.
Why can't they do it now?
It has great possibilities
And I could tell them how.

The film would have no dinosaurs.
T. rex is getting old.
No aliens or hungry sharks -
Those stories have been told.

This movie would be different.
Its villains are quite small.
They look as though they couldn't
Bother anything at all.

The first one was intriguing,
Which came as no surprise.
They watched it live and eat and grow
Before their very eyes.

Genetic engineering
Had brought the beast to life.
And when it was two inches long,
They put it to the knife.

The first thing that they noticed
Was how hard it was to kill.
They couldn't understand just why
And maybe never will.

They dissected its cephalon,
Its thorax and its tail.
And when a liquid squirted out
Their hearts began to fail.

This fluid was corrosive -
Much more so than the rest
It ate right through a thick lab coat
And burned the worker's chest.

The movies carries on with
Many ominous events.
The problems are peculiar
And they soon become intense.

For example, it is shown
That their adaptability
Is developed far beyond what
All past research could foresee.

They're amazingly prolific,
Storing eggs inside their cheeks.
A breeding pair can generate
Five million in nine weeks!

You probably have guessed by now,
Things soon get out of hand.
The trilobites are everywhere -
In seas and lakes and sand.

They're immune to our diseases
But infect us with their own.
See! A movie based on trilobites
Could chill you to the bone!


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