The Great Trilobite Mystery

by Kenneth C. Gass

Some people live for staying fit, while others worship cars.
And there are those who spend their spare time planning trips to Mars.
We understand these people, and they’re all within their rights.
But then there’s me. I ask you, “Why do I like trilobites?”

For starters, they became extinct before T. Rex appeared.
Someone who’s transfixed to the past must be a little weird.
And trilobites were creepy bugs, like centipedes and mites.
So if that's true, I wonder, “Why do I like trilobites?”

They’d never win a beauty show. They have too many feet.
One pair per segment, each with gills. How could I think that’s neat?
With spines and daggers here and there, which must have helped in fights,
They certainly weren’t pretty. Why do I like trilobites?

Like moths, they metamorphosed. Their first stages were minute.
But even at that tender age, one couldn’t call them “cute.”
As they grew up, they added segments at specific sites.
This made them still more creepy. Why do I like trilobites?

As fossils, they are common. You can find them by the ton.
They seldom make the newspapers, like dinosaurs have done.
But somehow they consume my thoughts on many sleepless nights.
If they are so abundant, why do I like trilobites?

They’re like a wondrous mystery that's very slowly solved
About our planet’s history and how life has evolved.
To like them will not save the world or change the wrongs to rights.
They’re fascinating creatures. That’s why I like trilobites.


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